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Jonas Brothers Magnets- SOS music video photos – 5 piece Set

Posted by creativerampage on April 29, 2008

I’ve crafted five totally unique magnets featuring America’s favorite heart throbs, the Jonas Brothers.

Photos were taken during the brothers SOS music video shoot. Extremely high quality pictures include a shot of the band performing during the making of the video, the brothers on stage in front of the illuminated SOS centerpiece, Nick and Joe whispering to each other in black and white, one of the boys together, and one of the JB crest in black and gold.

You’ll love these for your lockers, perfect for the fridge, or any other metal surface that needs some spicing up!

These magnets are made from red and black recycled bottle caps without any branding on the side. I hand wash each cap after machining it to the form a bevel for the images to recess into. Each image is encapsulated inside of the cap using resin, protecting and giving it a professional, hard, and glass-like finish. Strong magnets are then permanently attached to the back. Very durable super shiny and fun!

Very affordable and available for a limited time only in my store.

*Please note any white spots are glare from my camera lens because the images are so shiny.

Please contact me with any questions or for additional images.

Thank you for looking!

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