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Recycled Recycle Necklace

Posted by creativerampage on May 5, 2008

Go green and spread the word….. What better way to recycle then to make a recycle themed necklace.

The focal pendant features a centered corrugated box with the reuse arrow around it, a separate piece says Recycle. The durable thick gauge rope chain I took from a reconstructed vintage piece.

5 Handmade brass pendents with recycled images featuring some of our favorite recycling reminders, divided by vintage glass black cube beads and white pebble grain scrap leather circles.

The back of this piece is almost as interesting as the front. White pebble grain leather circles compliment vintage black Lucite beads to each side secured by sterling silver crimp beads. The ends were finished by adding a sterling silver clasp, split rings, an extender chain and another beautiful black vintage glass cube bead which hangs gracefully down the back of your neck.


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