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The Nightmare before Christmas Jack and Sally bottle cap magnets set

Posted by creativerampage on May 23, 2008

Extremely high quality images of Jack and Sally encased forever in super shiny, crystal clear high gloss resin. A strong magnet is permanently attached to the back.

Each bottle cap is modified by hand to have a recessed portion on top for the image to sit inside of. This further protects the finish from scratching and provides a better look and finish than if it were on top or inside. The cap is tall enough to sit above the magnet and will never scratch your fridge as the edges are smooth.

Easy to clean with Windex or warm water.

White spots are glare from my camera lens.

Magnets be will carefully packaged in a box suitable for gift giving and shipped within 24 hours of payment received.

Sent via USPS first class mail. Freebies with every order!

Questions, comments, or custom orders? Please contact me.

Thank you for looking have a wonderful day! ~Amanda


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