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Lucky 13 So cal spade gemstone double strand guitar pick necklace

Posted by creativerampage on May 31, 2008

I really love the way this one turned out, the color contrast is amazing!

Two strands loaded with quartz, rich garnet gemstones, delica beads, brass guitar string ball ends, sterling silver beads, bright silver stars, and one of my Lucky 13 guitar picks from Dunlop.

Guitar pick:

Hangs from a thick gauge sterling silver oval ring and held between a silver guitar string ball end. I’ve pierced the top sides twice and added jump rings. From the bottom hangs part of a D string which has been wrapped to form a spiral, a 2mm garnet bead is hidden inside and a bright star hangs from the tip.

This pick has rocked it out on my American made limited edition Fender Stratocaster deluxe. I love this guitar! I digress…

Before making this necklace all guitar component’s and pick were washed with soap and water.

I hope you guys like this one as much as I liked making it!

If you want a custom made necklace of your own please feel free to contact me I would love to hear your ideas!

Thank you! `Amanda


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