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The Nightmare before Christmas bottle cap leather belt

Posted by creativerampage on July 4, 2008

Beautifully hand crafted, 100% unique, super soft genuine leather belt embellished with 9 custom handmade bottle caps featuring your favorite Nightmare Before Christmas characters encased forever in super shiny, high gloss resin.

I’ve embellished the center with studs around the movie title as well as antiqued silver spacers separating each cap.

Perfect for the NMBC or Tim Burton fan, this is a truly special collectors item!

Fun Characters include (From left to right):

* Jack Skellington – The Pumpkin King
* Lock, Shock, and Barrel – Oogie’s devious henchmen
* Jack and Sally – Graveyard
* Jack in the mirror with a bat above & a spider at his feet
* Jack Head – Movie Title
* Jack Skellington – Sandy Claws
* Jack and Sally – As he gives her a rose by the headstone
* Oogie Boogie shadow
* Sally

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