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I just got crapped on!

Posted by creativerampage on February 6, 2009


And I couldn’t be happier about it!

What I am referring to is the self-proclaimed craptastic resin ring I received in the mail yesterday from

Don’t let the name fool you, there is nothing crappy about their rings.

This is my second purchase from buymycrap. I can’t believe how wonderful their rings are, not to mention their service and the prices are unbelievable!

Mr. Crap makes them beautifully with close attention to detail and a gorgeous silky smooth polished finish.

They are 100% unique, waterproof, light as air, and they conform perfectly to the finger as if you aren’t even wearing one!

If you’re into jewelry that is fun, colorful, and unique, please take a few moments and check out their shop, you’ll be glad you did!


One Response to “I just got crapped on!”

  1. Echos Art said

    BuyMyCrap has the best rings ever!! I bought a black and white one and it is absolutely GORGEOUS! Mr. and Mrs. Crap are AWESOME to work with!! I got my order so quickly, and packaged so nicely. I LOVE my new ring!!!

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