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A Clockwork Orange Alex leather key fob

Posted by creativerampage on May 17, 2008

Being the adventures of a young man … who couldn’t resist pretty girls … or a bit of the old ultra-violence … went to jail, was re-conditioned … and came out a different young man … or was he ?

Leather key fob die-cut, hand dyed, machine pressed. This awesome keyfob was built to last. Featuring one of the famous scenes from the Kubrick classic A Clockwork Orange. Super smooth, shiny and protected for life under high gloss resin.

You’ll love it!!

The edges are finished, if necessary, for a clean smooth final product. Heat-resistant up to 120F.

The image is super shiny any white spots are merely glare from my camera lens.

Very sturdy and built to last.

Questions, comments, or custom orders? Contact me.

Thanks for looking!

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